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Behaviour Therapy

We are able to address unwanted behaviour in dogs for a variety of symptoms including aggression, house destruction and indoor toileting.

In many circumstances veterinary input is important and we will work with your surgeon to come up with a cure programme. Some behaviour problems will need a certain amount of basic training, and classes are often the best place for this (private consultation is also available).




House Destruction


Indoor Toileting

There is a very varied range of behavioural problems exhibited in dogs and cats including aggression, house destruction, indoor toiletting, self mutilation, noise nuisance, nervousness, car travel, stock chasing and general training and control.

It takes time to establish the cause of behavioural problems and to develop a treatment programme that is suitable to the owners circumstances. On a referral from your veterinary surgeon we are able to offer the time and knowledge to reach these objectives at an affordable cost.

Consultations are normally held in the owners home where the behaviour is a problem or in some circumstances by appointment at either a clinic or the councillors premises. They normally last about two hours. If at all possible all family members should be present. The problem will be discussed in great depth with the history of the pet assessed. The reason behind the problem will then be explained and a treatment programme set out.

Usually only one consultation is required although treatment programmes vary depending on the behaviour concerned. Further advise can be provided by telephone. If a further appointment is required there is no further charge.

You will receive written instructions outlining the treatment programme with any other relevant literature and a report will be sent to your veterinary surgeon.

Some problems can be sorted out without veterinary referral so please contact us first if you wish.


We are fully insured with third party and professional indemnity so that
veterinary surgeons can refer to us in confidence.



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