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German Shepherd Dog Breeding


We occasionally breed German Shepherd Dog puppies under the affix CONCENN (the last Celtic king of Powys!) (Pronounced KON KEN). The majority of these go to working homes. We currently have dogs working with Thames Valley and West Midlands police and dogs with our breeding in them are also with Humberside, London Parks and Greater Manchester police. We have also placed our puppies with the charity guide dogs for the blind. Many of our dogs are competing in civilian working trials and obedience competitions and we even have one working sheep and cattle as well as being a family companion.

Our foundation came from Druidswood and I have worked my own dogs in working trials starting with Amyntus of Druidswood, then Alpha Memoir of Druidswood, then Grangeguard Fergal of Druidswood and Rockspray Wallis at Concenn who is now working with her sons Concenn Xcel and Concenn Ywen. Rockspray GSD's have also been reared here. Our outcrosses are now German, Dutch and Belgian working lines whose tempraments are second to none.

Very occasionally we will have puppies (usually bitches) available to active homes where they will receive the mental stimulation they deserve.

Working Guide Dog Wren

of our working dogs

Working Police Dogs Morse and Lewis

All our breeding stock are screened for hereditary problems, have low hip scores and are haemophilia clear. Our dogs are all reared naturally on fresh food and have been homeopathically vaccinated for six generations. We pride ourselves in the soundness of our animals.


The Concenn Gallery

Here are a selection of some of our dogs past and present connected to Concenn GSD's.
Amyntus of Druidswood
Admirable and Alpha Memoir
Grangeguard Fergal
Amyntus of Druidswood
Admirable of Druidswood (Abel) and Alpha Memoir of Dridswood CDX UDX WDX TDX
(Alfie was a grandson of Myntus)
Grangeguard Fergal of Druidswood
(Arnie, son of Alfie)
Our oldies - all around 13 years of age
Our oldies - all around 13 years of age
Our oldies - all around 13 years of age
Olderhill Blanche (Jade)
Dam of Concenn Vitis - Cava & Concenn Virgil - Timber
Hummel von der Kallenborner Hohe of Rockspray SchH3.FH.IPO
Druidswood Venus
Rockspray Sophia - mother of Wanda daughter of Hexe

Daughter of Arnie.
Rockspray Wallis at Concenn. CDX. UDX. WDX. TD.

Concenn Xcel CDX. UDX. WDX.TD
Son of Wanda and Murphy

Concenn Ywen CDX. UDX.
Son of Wanda and Blake

Stud Dogs Used
Dando von Digarah
Sire of Morse & Lewis

Pepnick Harvestman
at Thamespol (Blake)

VonSandbar Igor UDX.
MURPHY - sire of Kevin


If you are interested in any of these services please contact us.



Gail Gwesyn-Pryce - A.P.D.T. accredited (116) - promoting kind, fair and effective training for all pet dogs.


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